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Highlighting businesses owned and operated by Field Club Homeowners League members

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate | The Good Life Group

I’m a Realtor with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate | The Good Life Group, licensed in Nebraska and will be in Iowa as well soon. I specialize in residential real estate sales & I’m interested in Field Club homeowners knowing that I’m in the business in case they are looking to sell their home & would like to use my services.



Phone: 402-880-6239

FCHL member: Christy Voycheske

Annika Phillips Real Estate

I help great people find and sell their homes. My background, experience, and passion is vintage homes in Midtown Omaha. Contact me to have an old home pro’s help throughout your next move.


Address: BHGRE, 4949 Underwood, Omaha

Phone: 402-981-4759

FCHL member: Annika Phillips


Stretch-n-Grow conducts classes for kids ages 2 and up in Yoga, Dance, Sports, PE & Fitness. We host our classes at parks, community centers and partnering Pre-schools, daycares & Elementry schools. We want to make it easier to offer more to your kids!



Phone: 402-541-2885

FCHL member: Erin McElroy


In order to be listed in the Field Club Homeowners League Small Business Directory you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Live in the neighborhood and own a business or a service OR
  2. Operate a business in the neighborhood boundaries
  3. MUST be a member of FCHL Homeowners League (full or business)
  4. Family appropriate businesses only (no adult content)

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