Trees, Trees Trees!

Midtown Neighborhood Alliance, which FCHL is a member of, has received a grant to plant trees in member neighborhoods.  Any homeowner can request a tree from this grant. Trees must be planted in “public access,” which generally means between the sidewalk and the street.  However, on some properties, the public access extends up to 10 feet or more into the front yard (or side yard for corner properties).


Homeowners will have some choice on tree variety, however, native, drought and disease resistant varieties are encouraged.  There is some restriction based on trees available from local nurseries as well. This is for planting this fall. The homeowner’s obligation is to water and maintain the tree.


If you would like a tree for your property, please contact Peggy Pavlik at 402-657-0851 or  Once the address is known, we can look up the public access area of the property.  For some of the plantings, holes will be dug for the homeowner. MNA encourages as much homeowner and neighborhood association participation as possible since the free labor can be counted as “in kind” matching dollars for the grants.


Please look over your property and think about planting a new tree.  Do this especially if the city has cut down an ash tree on your property.

Reminders about the parade

Just a few reminders for the parade:

Woolworth Avenue neighbors, place have cars off the boulevard by 9 am.

Please bring a dozen or more cookies for the Cookie Table, located on the median across from the church.

Could neighbors please put out trash cans and recycle bins along the parade route for parade-goers garbage? It helps with clean up and keeps our neighborhood beautiful.

Parade registration starts at 10 am in front of the church.

Parade starts at 10:30 am

Ribbons are awarded directly afterwards, please stick around.

Hot dogs and chips for sale.

You can pay your membership dues at the Membership Table on the median. $20 per year, runs July 1 thru June 30.

Cookies are free, in-kind donations are accepted and appreciated.

Need Volunteers

Help needed on the Woolworth medians!  We have a maple forest in the making on the medians that would be nice to clean up before the parade.  The middle median seems to be the worst right now.  Please stop up and pull up a few trees!


If you can, please meet on the middle median around 7 Monday night for a de-treeing activity!  We can hoe, trim or pull them up by the fists-fulls, but we need to get them out of there.  If you are not able to help Monday night, stop any time to pull a few!  Just leave the pulled ones in a clear pile (maybe on the bench) and we’ll get them picked up.


This is an activity anyone can do, including children.  So if you kids are bored or complaining they have nothing to do–send them up to the median with a grocery sack and tell them to come home with a bag of weed trees!


Thanks to everyone who has been working on the the medians.  They have looked great with the recent rains, now we just need to keep them going!

Neighborhood Spring Cleanup


Saturday, May 18th at the Field Club Elementary parking lot, 9:00am – 2:00pm

The Omaha Spring Cleanup (OSC) is hosted by the City of Omaha and participating neighborhood associations. The free event provides Omaha residents with the opportunity to recycle or dispose of large/bulky items that are not accepted through curbside trash and recycling services (such as old furniture, appliances, tires, and mattresses).

If you need to recycle or dispose of bulky items before or after OSC, you are encouraged to utilize River City Recycling or Pheasant Pointe Landfill.

For more information, please call the City’s Omaha Spring Cleanup Hotline at 402-444-4636 for more information.

Special Regulated Items
Appliances, tires, and lead acid batteries are accepted as part of the Spring Cleanup, but they are considered “special regulated items” so they may have collection sites that differ from your neighborhood location. See the City of Omaha’s Spring Cleanup website for more information.

Tire Recycling
Tires can be recycled at River City Recycling for a fee outside of OSC dates.

Toxic Materials
If you are a Douglas/Sarpy County resident and you need to dispose of toxic materials (paint, oil, pesticides, and other chemicals), you can drop them off for free at the UnderTheSink facility near 120th & I Streets. Visit UnderTheSink on OSC Saturdays without an appointment from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Yard Waste
Large tree limbs and brush are not collected at your specific neighborhood cleanup site, but you can drop off the yard waste material at the City of Omaha Sewer Maintenance Facility, 6880 Q Street, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on OSC Saturdays.

Prohibited Items
The following items are NOT ACCEPTED at the Spring Cleanup:
Any items that can be collected via your curbside trash/recycling service
Toxic materials – should be taken to the UnderTheSink facility
Other chemicals

Spring Annual Meeting

Please join neighbors on April 17th from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at the Field Club of Omaha main ballroom. We encourage you to come early at 6:30 to socialize with neighbors and check on your membership status.

Our speakers and topics are:

Southeast Precinct – Captain Bel Castro

CHS Foundation – Michelle Roberts

Center Street Update – Amelia Rosser

Houston Alexander Foundation – Houston Alexander

InCommon – Christian Gray

Also board of directors elections The board of directors consists of 12 neighbors elected for a 3 year term by the paid members of the League. Every year the board elects 4 of its members to serve for the next 3 years.

In order to serve on the board, a candidate must own a home in the neighborhood and be paid up on the yearly dues. Each board member agrees to attend a monthly meeting and leads or supports one or more of the activity committees and/or hold an office on the board.