Trees, Trees Trees!

Midtown Neighborhood Alliance, which FCHL is a member of, has received a grant to plant trees in member neighborhoods.  Any homeowner can request a tree from this grant. Trees must be planted in “public access,” which generally means between the sidewalk and the street.  However, on some properties, the public access extends up to 10 feet or more into the front yard (or side yard for corner properties).


Homeowners will have some choice on tree variety, however, native, drought and disease resistant varieties are encouraged.  There is some restriction based on trees available from local nurseries as well. This is for planting this fall. The homeowner’s obligation is to water and maintain the tree.


If you would like a tree for your property, please contact Peggy Pavlik at 402-657-0851 or  Once the address is known, we can look up the public access area of the property.  For some of the plantings, holes will be dug for the homeowner. MNA encourages as much homeowner and neighborhood association participation as possible since the free labor can be counted as “in kind” matching dollars for the grants.


Please look over your property and think about planting a new tree.  Do this especially if the city has cut down an ash tree on your property.