Need Volunteers

Help needed on the Woolworth medians!  We have a maple forest in the making on the medians that would be nice to clean up before the parade.  The middle median seems to be the worst right now.  Please stop up and pull up a few trees!


If you can, please meet on the middle median around 7 Monday night for a de-treeing activity!  We can hoe, trim or pull them up by the fists-fulls, but we need to get them out of there.  If you are not able to help Monday night, stop any time to pull a few!  Just leave the pulled ones in a clear pile (maybe on the bench) and we’ll get them picked up.


This is an activity anyone can do, including children.  So if you kids are bored or complaining they have nothing to do–send them up to the median with a grocery sack and tell them to come home with a bag of weed trees!


Thanks to everyone who has been working on the the medians.  They have looked great with the recent rains, now we just need to keep them going!