Field Club School Parking

To our neighbors close to Field Club School!  

Spring seems to have finally arrived and melted off most of our snow.  Hopefully that will ease some of the parking congestion around the school at dismissal time.  Because several neighbors have called the school, the school is being proactive with parents to support legal parking!  The school has put a notice in their newsletter reminding parents not to block driveways. In addition, more staff is out providing verbal reminders and the SE precinct has sent officers to assist drivers to follow the law.  

If you still have drivers constantly blocking your driveway at dismissal time, please contact the police department.  This is a violation and they have promised to help in this situation. Of course, feel free to be neighborly and ask the driver to move if you feel comfortable doing so.

Fortunately, dismissal does not last a long time, but it can seem like an eternity if you can’t get out of your driveway!